ORYZONT partners with EBOLO, e-learning specialist consultant

ORYZONT partners with EBOLO, e-learning specialist consultant

ORYZONT, ​​a risk engineering and value-added services company for the insurance sector and Ébolo, a training consultancy firm, have signed a collaboration agreement as strategic partners.


Since its inception, ORYZONT has considered training as an essential pillar of its activity. According to those responsible for ORYZONT, ​​”every euro invested in training is a euro invested in efficiency and quality of our work.”


The differential element of Ébolo compared to other e-learning companies is strategic training consultancy. “Ébolo can organize conventional training actions through e-learning, but our greatest value contribution is the business consultancy through which we identify problems and inefficiencies in the organization that could be resolved through training,” says the head of the company, Luis Valledor.


He cites an example of success to illustrate the type of solutions provided by Ébolo: “We worked on the case of a company that had a strong turnover of its commercial staff, because the training on the advantages of its products and services was not adequate. The little sales success demotivated the workers, who ended up leaving the company. After the training consultancy and the delivery of an e-learning training program designed ad hoc , the rotation decreased from 30% to 10%. ”


With this alliance, ORYZONT complements its proposal of face-to-face courses and offers the insurance market strategic training consultancy. “Trying to address a problem from a different point of view is part of the DNA of ORYZONT and that is reflected in the selection of Ébolo as a partner,” says Eduardo González, CEO of ORYZONT.


On behalf of Ébolo, the agreement was signed by Mr. Luis Valledor, while for ORYZONT they signed their two founding partners, Eduardo González and Enrique García.